Raspberry Pi 4 in New Zealand

Here at Butlers, we are lucky enough to have our hands on a great supplier to deliver THE CHEAPEST raspberry pi 3 – model b and components in New Zealand period.

Which is why we have our finger on the pulse of the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi 4 release.  The information our supplier can glean so far is it is in the pipline and we have a lot of the latest news surrounding it.  We are already taking pre-orders.  To pre-order or go into the notification list when the Raspberry Pi 4 is released, just email us at butlersnetnz@gmail.com.  At this stage the release date is unknown but we will keep all posted.

So far from what we know here are some details:


Raspberry Pi 4 features
Although the Raspberry Pi Foundation has not revealed much at all about the upcoming version, a number of sources have started investigating what may be available.

Insiders have speculated it’ll use Broadcom’s latest BCM4908 processor, which is the replacement for the Broadcom BCM2837 SoC.  This includes a 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor. The Broadcom BCM4908 SoC delivers a 28nm 1.8GHz ARM CPU.

Raspberry Pi specialists also believe it’ll include 2GB RAM – an obvious step up in speed and this would mean it could postentially take advantage of Mate (Gnome 2) as its desktop environment rather than XFCE or LXDE. Butlers believes 4GB of RAM may be too much, although it’ll come as a bonus if it seems the Raspberry Pi Foundation makes the decision to ramp up the RAM considerably.

Many supporters (and there are a lot of you) of Raspberry Pi are calling for a USB 3.0 port for high-speed data transfer and better power management.  Let us see what develops there.

We expect Raspberry Pi 4 to take a similar look as its previous iterations as it seems the Foundation likes to keep things familiar, just upgrading selected components.

As such, we expect to see the same design as its predecessors, including similar port configurations, with support to add peripherals to help creators make the most out of this highly popular mini computer.

Raspberry Pi 4 release date and availability
Our New Zealand Fans may be disappointed to hear that the next generation of the Raspberry Pi isn’t expected to arrive until 2018. Creator Eben Upton has previously stated that the Raspberry Pi 3 is set to have a two to three-year lifespan at the minimum.  The good news is when it arrives it will be an exciting time; scarce but brilliant.  This is why we recommend contacting us pre-release.

There are multiple reasons behind this long wait but the main issue is the Raspberry Pi Foundation have effectively hit the limit of what can be accomplished with the 40nm manufacturing process currently in place. Upton has reiterated his commitment, however, stating they are attempting to maximize production.

Raspberry Pi 4 pricing
One of the best features of the Raspberry Pi is that it’s a fully-fledged computer that is a low-cost computer in comparison to other devices on the market. Added to that the fun is that you’ll personalise your Pi through purchasing peripheries. Those who like to tinker with their machines are presented with a a solid spec for a fraction of the cost.

Aligning with the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission to provide everyone with an affordable computer, the Raspberry Pi 4 is very unlikely to cost to much more than the Raspberry Pi 3, which has a cheap recommmended retail price.  Here on Butlers we offer the best price in New Zealand.  Under $70 with free shipping.


raspberry pi 4