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Whoopee Cushions / Fart Bag

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Get your parents back for annoying you.  Nail them with this fun Whoopee Cushion prank!  Combine it with one of our Fart Bombs and toy are the master trickster!

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5 in stock

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Step 1.

Buy the cushion. These can be bought at a convenience store for under $10.

Step 2.

Blow up the whoopee cushion. Blow it up slightly. Not to the point it is full, this will give away the cushion. Fill it up about halfway.

Step 3.

Hide the cushion. Don’t put it above the cushion of the place, put it under or under a pillow.

Step 4.

Lure your victim to the seat. Don’t just say “Sit here”, this will make it noticeable that you have something up your sleeve. Strike up a conversation and say “Here, let’s sit down”. Don’t act too eager either; don’t keep smiling and snickering. Just wait for them to sit on the cushion. Remember this IS an art-form.

Step 5.

Announce it. Say “Did someone just fart?” Don’t start randomly laughing and slapping your knee. Announce it and wait to see if people laugh. If they do, laugh to. But don’t laugh first! Be straight faced and professional like the true prankster you are.

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1 x Whoopee Cushions / Fart Bag

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